What is escrow in crypto?

It is the name of the system in which the asset or money in question is stored until it is confirmed that the purchase and sale transactions made in the digital environment have been carried out correctly.

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What is Bitcoin escrow service?

It is a script that holds all assets until a contract or exchange transaction takes place. This script is used by all cryptocurrency exchanges. In order to buy Bitcoin, we need to pay the person selling this cryptocurrency. As soon as you start this transaction, the money you pay is placed in the Escrow vault and the cryptocurrency owned by the other party is also stored in a different vault.

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How to prevent fraud in cryptocurrency transfers?

This method, which is used by many well-known shopping sites, makes fraud impossible. Because the payment does not pass to the seller or service provider before the conditions set by the parties are met.

What is the Escrow protocol?

Escrow Protocol is a decentralized trust fund that combines traditional crowdfunding with

Blockchain technology and smart contracts.


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Escrowturk keeps your financial assets in a secure environment until the buyer approves. You can safely conduct your commercial transactions by applying to Escrowturk.

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EscrowTurk charges a commission fee of USD 2,500 for escrow transactions up to USD 250,000 and 1% for transactions over USD 250,000.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is Escrow?

      Escrow is a service provided by a third party or institution that holds the assets of the transaction in a secure environment until the transaction between the parties is finalized. In the escrow system, financial assets are held in a secure environment until the paying party receives the goods or services requested. The funds or financial assets are under the custody of the escrow service provider throughout the transaction.

      How to use escrow?

      When a product or service is purchased from a seller, the money that will reach the seller until the product is properly delivered to the buyer or the service is performed is stored in escrow. When the receipt of the product is confirmed by the buyer, the seller receives payment.

      Is Escrow reliable?

      This service, which is widely practiced in many countries around the world, is extremely reliable. The process is controlled and monitored to ensure that the parties fulfill their obligations and commitments. Unless the parties agree on these issues, no one can access the funds.

      It is essential that the institution or person to whom the escrow agreement will be issued is reliable. The person or institution offering the escrow service should be a name that gives confidence to both the buyer and the seller. Since our institution has been operating in this field for a very long time and is an internationally recognized institution, it is a highly competent, reliable and recognized institution in this field.

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