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Escrow is a financial service that makes commercial life reliable. The buyer can trade with confidence, as he or she does not have to pay the price until the goods are delivered to him or the service is completed. The seller is guaranteed to receive the price or remuneration upon delivery of the goods and fulfillment of the terms of the agreement.

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      Escrowturk keeps your financial assets in a secure environment until the buyer approves. You can safely conduct your commercial transactions by applying to Escrowturk.

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      What is Escrow?

      Escrow is a service provided by a third party or institution that holds the assets of the transaction in a secure environment until the transaction between the parties is finalized. In the escrow system, financial assets are held in a secure environment until the paying party receives the goods or services requested. The funds or financial assets are under the custody of the escrow service provider throughout the transaction.


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      Price Policy

      EscrowTurk charges a commission fee of USD 2,500 for escrow transactions up to USD 250,000 and 1% for transactions over USD 250,000.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is the cost of escrow services in Turkey?

        USD 2,500 is charged for transactions up to USD 250,000 and 1% for transactions over USD 250,000.

        Is Escrow reliable?

        This service, which is widely practiced in many countries around the world, is extremely reliable. The process is controlled and monitored to ensure that the parties fulfill their obligations and commitments. Unless the parties agree on these issues, no one can access the funds.

        It is essential that the institution or person to whom the escrow agreement will be issued is reliable. The person or institution offering the escrow service should be a name that gives confidence to both the buyer and the seller. Since our institution has been operating in this field for a very long time and is an internationally recognized institution, it is a highly competent, reliable and recognized institution in this field.

        How do buyers and sellers cancel transactions?

        If there is a problem with the transaction, the process of returning the product or service to the seller begins. If the seller confirms that the return is complete, the service provider cancels the transaction and sends the secured funds back to the buyer.

        Both parties have the right to cancel the transaction until the transaction is completed. Depending on the terms of the agreement, the withdrawal fee may be requested mutually.

        What is Escrow payment method?

        Since Escrow is a new generation commercial instrument, it is a legal institution that allows you to make payments both through classical payment instruments and crypto payment instruments.

        When does the seller receive payment?

        When the seller receives payment depends on the agreement of the parties. If the parties agree that the seller will receive payment upon delivery of the goods, the payment will be delivered. However, the parties may also agree to make payment earlier or later. The parties may also agree to impose additional conditions and approvals on payment.  In the most common practice, the seller receives payment after the goods have been delivered to the buyer and the buyer has approved the goods. In special cases, depending on the buyer-seller agreement, payment may also take place at different stages of the sale.

        In which areas do we offer services?

        Escrow service is a very flexible type of service and finds application in all kinds of purchase, sale and service transactions in both classical trade and electronic trade. For this reason, our company provides services in all areas of trade. Our company provides esrow services for real estate, crypto, domain names, vehicles and valuables and all kinds of commercial transactions. In addition, our company also provides escrow services in all kinds of game-related commodity trade, including the transfer of the game account related to the virtual game trade in the entertainment sector, the transfer of game items and characters. 

        Is escrowturk reliable?

        Yes, using escrow services can provide a level of safety for buyers. Escrow services act as a neutral third party and hold the funds during a transaction until both the buyer and seller have fulfilled their respective obligations. This can ensure that the buyer’s funds are protected and that the seller will only receive payment once they have delivered the goods or services as agreed upon. However, buyers should still do their due diligence and research the escrow service provider to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy.

        What is escrow service?

        As a rule, the price of the product or service to be purchased is paid. In the escrow service, the payment for the transaction is not sent directly to the seller. The payment is transferred to a safe deposit box by opening an escrow account. Once the seller has delivered the product or service to the buyer without any problems and the buyer approves the transaction, the money stored in the escrow account is transferred to the seller. The parties can agree between themselves the exact moment of the transfer of the money, or they can agree otherwise.


        What are the escrow costs in Turkey?

        2,500 USD for transactions up to 250,000 USD and 1% transaction fee for transactions over 250,000 USD.

        How to use escrow?

        When a product or service is purchased from a seller, the money that will reach the seller until the product is properly delivered to the buyer or the service is performed is stored in escrow. When the receipt of the product is confirmed by the buyer, the seller receives payment.

        Can I contact if there is a problem with the product?

        Escrow Turk provides its customers with the opportunity to access professional legal assistance in legal disputes between the parties.

        What is an Escrow Agreement?

        It is a type of contract in which the obligations of the parties to the contract are secured through a third party in order to protect the parties from the possible consequences of this uncertainty in cases where it is uncertain whether the obligations of the parties to the contract will be realized.  This third party is outside the legal relationship between the parties but is a party to the escrow agreement.

        Is escrow safe to use?

        Yes, escrow is generally considered safe to use. Escrow is a third-party service that holds onto funds during a transaction, only releasing them to the seller once the buyer has confirmed that they are satisfied with the purchase. This process helps to protect both the buyer and the seller, as the buyer can be sure that they will receive the item they paid for and the seller can be sure that they will be paid. Some escrow services are more reputable than others, so it is important to do your research and choose a reputable escrow service. Additionally, to ensure maximum safety, it is always good to do a transaction with a company that is regulated and authorized by relevant authorities.

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