Nominee Director in Turkey

Escrowturk is a professional team that provides nominee director services in Turkey. Our lawyers and accountants work with our business partners to provide all nominee director services to help your company do business in Turkey.

A nominee director in Turkey will assist you in all matters, acting as the owner of your company. They will manage your company’s legal processes, pay taxes, and perform tasks required by the laws. The duties of a nominee director include receiving dividends, voting in accordance with the rules, and selling shares.

Escrowturk’s nominee director, accountant, and financial advisor team will provide remote management of your company. We offer competitive solutions for companies that are actively operating or planning to incorporate in Turkey. To take advantage of nominee director services in Turkey, you can contact us by sending an email, calling, or through WhatsApp.

What can Nominee Director Services in Turkey offer you?

• Necessary accounting and financial audit plans will be established for company management.

• Legal instructions will be given to maximize the profitability of the company.

• Financial statements and annual financial reports will be prepared.

• Compliance of those responsible for company management with laws, company agreements, internal regulations, and guidelines will be audited.

Why do you need a Nominee Director in Turkey?

• As the owner of a company, you may want to keep your name and personal information confidential.

• If you do not want your name to appear in the register, a nominee director will act as the face of your company, while you still retain ownership and all authority.

• As an overseas investor or business owner, you can reduce your tax burden with a nominee director.

• You will have a locally resident person for your company.

• An executive nominee will act only on your directives, comply with laws and regulations on your behalf, monitor your affairs, make payments and sign agreements as required.